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Hi Friends,

 Taking a quick break to say hello in between things here at the office.  This morning was another frantic one to get out the door.  I can’t even blame it on working out today.  Last night, I was up late working on a new endeavor that I’m really excited about.  It’s all coming together, but I’m still learning and setting everything up so it can be to my liking.  If you follow my 2nd twitter handle you might be able to figure it out.   😉




Help a girl out and follow me, please.  Pretty please? With a cherry on top?   🙂Let me know if you guessed what I’m up to. 😉

My late night ended with me passing out on the couch in a delirium.  I dragged myself to the bed around 5:40 AM, just so I could get some cuddles in with Rob for about an hour.  Being cuddled up with Rob is seriously one of my favorite places to be.  I feel so safe and loved in those moments.  I wouldn’t trade them for anything!

Once my alarm sounded, I rushed around getting ready and flew out the door like a crazy lady.  I hate being late!  I got to the office and immediately began answering e-mails and following up with people.  Don’t you love to feel productive?  It gives me such a sense of accomplishment.  I got a lot done in the few hours that I’ve been here so far.  I even snuck some breakfast in between calls.


I’d share with you if you were here.


I ate so quickly that I forgot to snap a picture of my complete breakfast.  It consisted of cottage cheese, pineapple & some toast w/ a schmeer of margarine.  The pineapple was so sweet!  Yummy!

Now, it’s time to get back to that work thing.  Rob is out of town tonight so I have the entire house to myself.  What to do? What to do? Hmmm….I have a list of things that I must do (laundry, cleaning, coaching stuff, etc), but the DVR with all of my recorded girly shows is also calling my name.  I can’t wait to be able to curl up with some tea and relax, once all of my tasks are complete!

Have a great day!


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Hi Guys!

 Just working away like a busy lil bee over here.  I know I’ve mentioned how crazy it is at work for me on a regular basis, but the next few months are going to be absolutely INSANE!!  I’m trying to take each day as it comes, but just looking at our meeting calendar is enough to make anyone’s head spin. 

I’m sure you can imagine that the holiday months are a BUSY time for us in the wine & spirits industry.  So, just keep your fingers crossed that I make it into 2013 with all of my hair still attached to my head.  All I know is, good thing I have a lot of hair to start with!  😉

Mindset Makeover:

 Over the weekend I was doing some studying for an upcoming exam I have.  One of the lectures actually scared me.  Maybe I shouldn’t say “scared”, but it definitely got me thinking about my food choices and opened my eyes to some things.  Now, I’m someone who mostly eats healthy, unprocessed foods as it is, but thoughts of the chemicals, hormones and other unnatural things associated with what I eat started to turn my stomach.

 For so many years (decades, really) my focus was on losing and/or maintaining weight.  I didn’t care how I did it and I had a ton of tricks to limit the amount of calories I was consuming. 

I still remember eating fat-free bologna in high school.  The thought now…..EWWWW!  I mean, what exactly is it made of?!?!  Nothing good for me, that’s for sure! 

Back then, I didn’t care though.  All I cared about was that I got a decent portion for very low calories and no fat. 

 Over the years, I’ve come a LONG way from my fat-free bologna eating, but ever since starting my certification to become a Health Coach through IIN I feel like my mind frame has really changed.  The lecture I listened to on Saturday shifted my thought process even more. 

Man, Rob is in trouble!  I was already on him about getting more veggies in (the dreaded “green things” he so hates).  Now, I don’t care if I have to hide them in all of his meals, he’s going to eat them!  I also have to get him to SLOWWWW DOWNNNNN when gulping chewing his food.

 Another change I’ve noticed about myself is that I’m much more aware of WHERE my food is coming from.   I haven’t hit any farmer’s markets yet, but I’m going to try to eat more locally whenever possible. 

Just last week I was looking to buy brussel sprouts. 

Mmmm….brussel sprouts!  Am I the one who loves them?  They are like candy to me! 

Anyway, as I was looking at the containers available I noticed that some were grown in Mexico and others in USA.  The containers looked exactly the same in every other way (same picture, same type of container, etc) and were sitting right next to each other.  The brussel sprouts from Mexico were larger (which is what I would normally veer toward grabbing), but just knowing that they weren’t grown here didn’t sit well with me.  Up until recently I never really gave it a second thought, nor did I really make the effort to see where my food was coming from.  My eyes will surely be looking out for this moving forward.

 I am liking my mindset makeover.  Focusing on total health and not just one aspect of health is important to me.  Everyone reaches mindset shifts at different times during their journey and I’m happy that I’m taking baby steps in the right direction (for me). 

Ok, random thoughts over.  I best be getting back to work and I hope you’re having a great day! 


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Hi My Sweets!

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post.  Life has been CRAZY!  At first it was one thing after another at work.  There was a last minute decision to move people around the office.  Of course, myself and my boss were included in that move.  Everything had to be done immediately, for some odd reason, so real work was put to a hault and a move commenced.

The one nice thing about moving, whether it’s at your office or your home, is that it allows you to clean things out and have a fresh start.  That’s what I always used to love about a brand new school year.  New supplies, fall clothes and a clean desk.  Fresh Start!

I’m finally situated in my new cubicle and I’m loving how quiet it is.  I’m now located right outside my boss’ office and we’ve started coming up with hand signals for each other.  It’s actually kind of funny and I’m thinking about creating signs or flags that we can use to make our day a little more enjoyable.  😉

In the mix of things, my sister’s bachelorette was thrown in for good measure.

We had a great time at Fire Island at The Palms!

Bachelorette Bandwagon!

My sisters and I decided that we will most definitely be back and make it a family affair.  I had never beent to Fire Island before and I truly enjoyed the experience.

Sisters Forever

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, at some point.  We returned home and faced the news that our grandmother had passed away. 😦

It was as if she held on and allowed my sister to have her special weekend.  Then, she let go.  I know she’s in a much better place, but my heart aches with the loss.

I know you’ll understand if I’m unable to post over the next few days.  I’ll try, because writing might be good for me.  If not, know that I’ll be back ASAP.


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Hey Guys!

This is going to be a short one, but I wanted to pop in to say hello and let you know that I’m alive.  🙂

Work has been absolutely CRAZY the past few days.  CRAZZZYYYY!!!!  The only reason I even have a chance to write a lil something is because I’m covering the front desk so that the receptionist could take her hour lunch break.  Doesn’t matter that I’ve worked through lunch the past two days, I guess, or that I had to choke down my own food on the way from my desk to the reception area.  Hmph!

I should have known it was going to be one of those weeks when I spilled 1/2 of my protein shake right before leaving the house Monday morning.  Protein shake EVERYWHERE!!  By everywhere I mean: on the wall, on the floor, over the coffee table and IN MY HAIR! 

Errrr….  The only good thing was that it was a vanilla shake, so it didn’t really make any marks on the wall.  Have to try to see the positive, right?  This girl doesn’t cry over spilled milk protein shakes.

Today, I thought I was in the clear.  I made it out the door and smiled to myself. I got to the car and bent in to put my shake in the cup holder. Somehow, I lost my grip on the cup and, yep you guessed it, 3/4 of my shake spilled right in the middle of the driver’s seat.  😦

I admit it, I swore right in the middle of the street.  Sometimes this sweetheart reaches her breaking point.  You can’t be pleasant 100% of the time, right? 😉

After mopping up the spilled shake with a beach towel and then using some Clorox wipes to remove the stickiness I got over it and drove to work, frustrated that this happened two days in a row!

Oh well, the good news is that tomorrow the office is closed for the Fourth of July holiday.  Hurray!  The weather isn’t supposed to be the greatest, but I’m happy just to have the day to relax at home with Rob.

Spilled shake or not, nothing could take away the fact that I pulled my sleepy self out of bed this morning and got an awesome workout in!  Quads, Calves & Cardio for me this morning.  My legs are going to love & hate me tomorrow!

Ok, it’s about that time, guys.  I hope your week is going MUCH better than mine has started out!


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