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Hi My Sweets!

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post.  Life has been CRAZY!  At first it was one thing after another at work.  There was a last minute decision to move people around the office.  Of course, myself and my boss were included in that move.  Everything had to be done immediately, for some odd reason, so real work was put to a hault and a move commenced.

The one nice thing about moving, whether it’s at your office or your home, is that it allows you to clean things out and have a fresh start.  That’s what I always used to love about a brand new school year.  New supplies, fall clothes and a clean desk.  Fresh Start!

I’m finally situated in my new cubicle and I’m loving how quiet it is.  I’m now located right outside my boss’ office and we’ve started coming up with hand signals for each other.  It’s actually kind of funny and I’m thinking about creating signs or flags that we can use to make our day a little more enjoyable.  😉

In the mix of things, my sister’s bachelorette was thrown in for good measure.

We had a great time at Fire Island at The Palms!

Bachelorette Bandwagon!

My sisters and I decided that we will most definitely be back and make it a family affair.  I had never beent to Fire Island before and I truly enjoyed the experience.

Sisters Forever

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, at some point.  We returned home and faced the news that our grandmother had passed away. 😦

It was as if she held on and allowed my sister to have her special weekend.  Then, she let go.  I know she’s in a much better place, but my heart aches with the loss.

I know you’ll understand if I’m unable to post over the next few days.  I’ll try, because writing might be good for me.  If not, know that I’ll be back ASAP.


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