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Hi Friends,

 Taking a quick break to say hello in between things here at the office.  This morning was another frantic one to get out the door.  I can’t even blame it on working out today.  Last night, I was up late working on a new endeavor that I’m really excited about.  It’s all coming together, but I’m still learning and setting everything up so it can be to my liking.  If you follow my 2nd twitter handle you might be able to figure it out.   😉




Help a girl out and follow me, please.  Pretty please? With a cherry on top?   🙂Let me know if you guessed what I’m up to. 😉

My late night ended with me passing out on the couch in a delirium.  I dragged myself to the bed around 5:40 AM, just so I could get some cuddles in with Rob for about an hour.  Being cuddled up with Rob is seriously one of my favorite places to be.  I feel so safe and loved in those moments.  I wouldn’t trade them for anything!

Once my alarm sounded, I rushed around getting ready and flew out the door like a crazy lady.  I hate being late!  I got to the office and immediately began answering e-mails and following up with people.  Don’t you love to feel productive?  It gives me such a sense of accomplishment.  I got a lot done in the few hours that I’ve been here so far.  I even snuck some breakfast in between calls.


I’d share with you if you were here.


I ate so quickly that I forgot to snap a picture of my complete breakfast.  It consisted of cottage cheese, pineapple & some toast w/ a schmeer of margarine.  The pineapple was so sweet!  Yummy!

Now, it’s time to get back to that work thing.  Rob is out of town tonight so I have the entire house to myself.  What to do? What to do? Hmmm….I have a list of things that I must do (laundry, cleaning, coaching stuff, etc), but the DVR with all of my recorded girly shows is also calling my name.  I can’t wait to be able to curl up with some tea and relax, once all of my tasks are complete!

Have a great day!


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Hi Friends!

How has your day been treating you so far?  Mine started with a sweaty Insanity workout.


Followed by a mad dash to get out of the house.  I woke up later than I had originally intended, but nothing was getting in the way of me and my workout. NOTHING!

Even Rob couldn’t pull me away.  Normally, I follow him like a puppy as he’s getting ready to leave the house. I mean, he can’t leave without his hundred or so kisses and goodbyes, can he? I stand at the door and wave until he has pulled away and is completely embarrassed. 😉  Today, I was only about 10 minutes into my workout as he was getting ready to leave.  I received my kiss while performing power squats.

Power Squats

Hey, ya gotta keep things interesting, right?

I made it to work in record time and then devoured breakfast at my desk.


That would be natural almond butter spread on some high fiber whole wheat toast, fat-free Chobani and a banana. YUM!

Chobani agreed that my breakfast was tasty. 🙂


An unpictured snack of blueberries and almonds might have been consumed & now I’m covering the reception desk until the next shift change (our receptionist is out sick today so the admins take shifts at the front desk for the day to help cover).

Ok, time to run before I have to leave this computer.  Have a great day!


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Hi Friends,

How is it already Monday????  This weekend was a blur, especially Saturday.  Up until about an hour after my sister walked through the gate and we yelled “Surprise! my body was shaking.  I was nervous that something would go wrong, but everything went very smoothly.  The weather was perfect, she was completely surprised and we had a great group of family and friends showering her with love.  🙂

Dana & The Bride-To-Be

 I’ll do a complete write-up in the near future.  Currently, I’m rushing between a few projects here and wouldn’t be able to devote the time I’d really like into a proper post for my sister’s special day.  Plenty of pictures were taken to be shared with you. Don’t you worry! 😉

Just as I stated in my Friday Fitness post, I didn’t put any restrictions on myself for the party.  I also didn’t go hot wild.  I ate a nice balance of the food and even enjoyed a cupcake.

The Spread


It was just right!

My planned Hitch Fit workout ensued on Sunday.  It felt great to get a good sweat on and work my muscles. 


 My poor body (and mind) were exhausted last night.  I couldn’t even keep my eyes open to watch True Blood.  Rob sent me off to bed ahead of him.  I just didn’t have it in me. 😦   It was a good kind of tired to be though…happily exhausted.

 This morning I still felt extremely tired, but got my booty out of bed to prep my meals for the day.  Today is Day #1 of my nutrition program and I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way.

 So far, breakfast has been consumed.  I had a delish bowl of protein oats, a Venti Awake Tea, Water & Vitamins.

 My protein oats bowl consisted of: 2 Egg Whites, ½ Scoop Protein Powder, 1/3 Cup Oat Bran (measured dry), Berries & Flaxseed Oil



Snack #1 soon followed….

A Chocolate Protein Shake

Rice Cakes Smeared w/ Peanut Butter

So Good!

Now that my belly is happily full I best be getting to the stack of work that has been waiting for me since Friday. 😦  It’s a rainy day here, so at least I don’t feel like I’m missing anything outside….maybe just snuggles under the comforter watching a good movie. 😉

 Have a great day!


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Good Morning, My Sweets!

It’s dull and gray out, here in NY.  It would be the perfect day to cuddle under some blankets and watch movies all day.  Unfortunately, it’s Tuesday and that means that most of us are at work. 😦

To brighten up this dreary day, I fixed myself a breakfast of Fat Free Greek Yogurt, Sliced Strawberries, a Sprinkle of Blueberries & a Trader Joe’s Blueberry Wheat Bran Muffin.

Eaten at my desk, of course.

Rounded out with Vitamins….

…and Coffee

It was delish!!

Now, I’m trying to stay focused on work, but thoughts of a surreal moment last night keep crowding my brain.

Rob’s good friend’s 1st daughter, Eva (pronounced “Ava”), was born very early Sunday morning.  I’d say that’s about the best Father’s Day gift you could ask for. 

She’s healthy, happy and beautiful!

Last night, we went to visit the happy family.  I opened the door to the hospital room and rested my eyes on their little precious girl.  Just a glance at her and you fall in love.

Rob refused to hold her, fearing that he would drop her or do something wrong.  I waited my turn, scrubbed up and was allowed to hold her until the nurse came in and told us that visiting hours were over.  Perfect timing since she was getting a little fussy because it was time to eat! 😉

It was funny watching Rob standing protectively by us, as I held Eva, yet he was afraid to hold her.  He’s so confident about the majority of things he’s faced with in life, yet this precious little creature made him nervous.  It made my heart melt for Rob, as well.

I took in the entire scene.  The banter between Rob and his good friend, Lou, made me think back to my own childhood.  Rob is now “Uncle Rob” to Eva. 

Sometimes, the ties of friendship are stronger than blood.

I thought back to my own godfather, Uncle Al.  He wasn’t related through blood, but he treated us better than some of our blood relatives.  Sitting, holding Ava, made me feel like I had come full circle.  Right before me I could see how the bond of true friendship can turn friends into family. 

I know that Rob will be a part of Eva’s life forever.  She’ll hear her dad telling stories about his younger years and the adventures he had with Rob.  Just the thought of that, this Tuesday, brings a smile to my face.

Have a great day!


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