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Hi Friends!

Ahhh, Saturday!  I’ve been waiting for this all week!  😉  There’s a lot on the agenda today, as we’re trying to get the house back into tip-top shape.  That’s ok, we have a fun dinner with friends planned for this evening that we can look forward to.  We just have to get all of our work done before then.  It’s always nice to have something to look forward to.

My body was exhausted from this past week.  I so could have stayed in bed for another hour or two, but I knew that if I didn’t get up when I did my workout would never happen.  So, I dragged myself out of bed and hopped into my workout clothes.  Then, made Rob a little breakfast in bed before I got my sweat on.


He’s  lucky guy, no?  😉

Once Rob was settled in with his breakfast in bed, I “pushed play” for some Insanity Pure Cardio.  There are times I’m breathing so hard that I feel like my heart might come out of my chest or I want to wring Shawn T’s neck for torturing me (can you love and hate someone at the same time?), but I keep reminding myself that beach weather is right around the corner.

NOW is the time to burn that fat and get my body into the best shape it’s ever been.  I don’t want to be scrambling a week or two before we put the boat into the water.  I want to already be confident in my skin by then, with my only worry being which bikini to choose from. 🙂

So, I worked my tush off and came up with a nice burn!


Now, it’s time to get to all of that house work, but I’m glad that my workout is behind me and I don’t have to worry about when I’ll fit it in or be frustrated with myself that it just never happened.  Did you get your sweat on today?

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Hey Guys!

My internal alarm woke me this morning at 5:15 AM.  YIKES!  That’s early for this night owl!

Early Workout

I go to bed every night excited about the following day’s planned workout.  I’m even more excited to see my results at the end of the next 2-3 months.  If they’re anything like my brother’s results I’ll be ecstatic!  Most of us want to see the changes immediately.  I mean, like yesterday, “immediately”.  😉  It would be nice if it happened that way, but we all know that transformation comes with consistent hard work over time.  There’s no amount of wishing that’s going to get you to the finish line.  It takes effort, but it will be worth it!

I knew going into this that it wouldn’t be easy.  I mean, have you seen the Insanity infomercials?    The program is no joke! There are no limits to your success if you don’t allow failure to be an option though.


 I was worried about my knees at first, but made sure to buy a special mat that protects them during my jumps.  I also LISTEN to my body.  If something is bothering me I improvise the movements.  No need to be a hero!  It’s me against myself.  I know that I’m working hard and not taking any shortcuts.

Beat Her


I worked HARD this morning!  It all started with Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance followed by Les Mills Pump Challenge.


 Here are my  stats for each of the workouts:

Cals Burned

My arms are sore, but I’m feeling great!  I love getting my workout in first thing in the morning.  That way, there’s no added worry during the day about when I’ll fit it in or what obstacles might come up (working late, feeling lazy, emergencies, exhaustion, etc).

Now, I can just sit pretty at my desk and know that when I leave the office behind I have a full night ahead of me to enjoy with my man.  😉

Fave Dress

Have you been bringing it in your workouts?  What time of day do you like to workout?

Hope you’re having a great day!


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Hi Friends,

It’s a beautiful day here in NY.  Spring seems to have FINALLY sprung here!  The trees are beginning to bloom, it’s getting a little warmer and the sunshine is adding a lil pep to people’s steps.  More people are outside enjoying the beautiful weather which is always nice to see. 

I can’t wait to get out and enjoy it myself!  We’ve been work, work, working away on the house trying to get it back to what it once was prior to Hurricane Sandy.  There are times that we get really depressed because it feels like we’ve been at this forever and things still aren’t quite right.  Putting everything into perspective though, we realize how far we’ve come and are so thankful to be living back home again.  It was just about a month ago that we were able to move back home.  I was so stressed and depressed at that point.  I’m much happier now!  We just have to stay focused and continue to remind ourselves of the positives!

Anyway, with spring here I know that summer is right around the corner.  That means it’s almost time for the beach….and bikinis.  Let me tell you, my body is nowhere near ready to be wearing a bikini.  All of the stress really did a number on my poor body (and mind).  I’m back on track now and set up a little beach body challenge for myself.  For the next 90 days I’ll be doing a hybrid of Insanity & Les Mills Pump.  I began Insanity a few weeks ago but REALLY missed lifting, so I decided to purchases PUMP to get my lifting fix satisfied. I think this is going to be a great combo!

Insanity is no joke!  I’m sure you know that if you’ve ever seen any of their infomercials.  There were many times that I watched that infomercial intrigued with the program and the results, yet I didn’t think that I personally would be able to complete it.  I mean, I’m just this normal girl from Long Island.  😉  My thoughts changed when my sister, Melissa, completed it (FYI – she’s now on her 3rd round now!) and my brother, DJ, completed it with AMAZING results (see his pics below – he’s now on his 2nd round). 

Before - 210 lbs

Before – 210 lbs

After - 179 lbs

Comparison = AMAZING!

The wheels in my brain began turning and I thought, “If they can do it so can I!”

So, I got myself onto the Beachbody website and ordered Insanity.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know that my true love is lifting.  It takes real motivation to get me to do my cardio.  There are a ton of tricks I’ve adapted over the years in order to get my cardio in.  I’m VERY competitive with myself, so Insanity is perfect for me.  It challenges me to be better than the last time that I “pressed play”, instead of mindlessly pedaling on an elliptical.  After about 2 weeks of Insanity I was really missing my lifting routine though. 


(I’m not sure where this image came from. I think I found it on Pinterest originally. Sorry for no proper link.)

It didn’t make sense to do Insanity at home and then drive to the gym to lift.  Not having to drive to and from the gym every morning gives me extra time to sleep and do other things around the house before work.  The wheels began turning again and I decided to purchase Les Mills Pump.  Now, I can get cardio and lifting in right from my living room!  I truly believe that these two programs combined are going to get me to my best body ever (especially in combination with my new eating regimen). 🙂

I’m putting this out there for my own accountability.  Two months from now I’ll be finished with Insanity and Les Mills Pump will be complete a month after that.  I’m so excited to see where this takes me!   My brother may be 11 years younger than me, but he is my inspiration right now.  We’ve both battled weight issues for years and I’m so proud of him for taking control of his life and making positive changes ( DJ, if you’re reading this, I love you and I’m SO PROUD OF YOU)!  I hope that my after pics are as great as his!

If you’d like to join me in the challenge of getting into your best shape by summer, let me know.  I’m going to post my workouts and stats weekly to keep me accountable.  Come join the fun!  I’d love to have some workout partners! 🙂

If you’re interested in purchasing the programs I’ll be using (or any other Beachbody programs ) you can check them out on my coaching site.  Just go to the Beachbody website by copying the following into your browser: http://www.beachbody.com/  (WordPress won’t allow this to be a hyperlink) and sign up for a free account, if you don’t already have one.  Then, add me as a buddy.  My screenname is: BeFitWithKim.  Friend request me, even if you already have a great coach.  I love meeting new people!  🙂 You can also check out my new Facebook page where I’ll be posting daily for accountability and inspiration hereI’d love for you to like and follow me there!

*Disclosure: I am now a Beachbody coach, but all opinions are my own.  I will NEVER push products on you…EVER! If you have any questions about any Beachbody program or product feel free to ask me.  I’m happy to help in any way that I can.

Ok, time to get back to work.  I hope you’re having a great day!


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Hi Friends!

How has your day been treating you so far?  Mine started with a sweaty Insanity workout.


Followed by a mad dash to get out of the house.  I woke up later than I had originally intended, but nothing was getting in the way of me and my workout. NOTHING!

Even Rob couldn’t pull me away.  Normally, I follow him like a puppy as he’s getting ready to leave the house. I mean, he can’t leave without his hundred or so kisses and goodbyes, can he? I stand at the door and wave until he has pulled away and is completely embarrassed. 😉  Today, I was only about 10 minutes into my workout as he was getting ready to leave.  I received my kiss while performing power squats.

Power Squats

Hey, ya gotta keep things interesting, right?

I made it to work in record time and then devoured breakfast at my desk.


That would be natural almond butter spread on some high fiber whole wheat toast, fat-free Chobani and a banana. YUM!

Chobani agreed that my breakfast was tasty. 🙂


An unpictured snack of blueberries and almonds might have been consumed & now I’m covering the reception desk until the next shift change (our receptionist is out sick today so the admins take shifts at the front desk for the day to help cover).

Ok, time to run before I have to leave this computer.  Have a great day!


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Hi Guys!

Another day flying by over here.  Work has been completely nutzo ever since I returned from our vacation a few weeks ago.  I feel like….Vacation? What vacation?  Disappointed smile My tan has faded and life has resumed as usual, but good memories were made as well as a new friend. Smile  I can only imagine how stressed I might be right now had I not gone on vacation.  At least I got a lil sunshine before coming back to NY and getting sick…twice.

So, I mentioned in Saturday’s post that I reached out for help with my eating.  For someone like me who has had issues with weight/eating their entire life, giving up control to someone else is extremely scary.  Where has trying to always be in control honestly gotten me though, right?  It seems that I continue in the same vicious cycle and never seem to break free.

In the past I’ve questioned people’s methods and always found reasons why their plan wasn’t going to work for me.  It wasn’t that it wouldn’t work; rather, it all boiled down to me having to give up control over what and the way that I was eating and not wanting to relinquish that control 100%.  I realize that I’m never going to get better that way.  So, although there is a hint of fear in increasing my calories on a constant basis, I’m EXTREMELY excited to see where this takes me hopefully off of this merry-go-round I’ve been on for over 2 decades.  This isn’t a fitness competitor program.  This is just me trying to reach my optimal health in a balanced way so I can be finally be happy and not allow food to control my life anymore.  I’m crossing my fingers that this is the time that everything clicks for me!

Only a few more hours here at the office and then I’ll hurry on to my new found love, KICKBOXING!  I haven’t been to class in over a week, due to being sick.  I can’t wait to get back in their and knock the bag around.  Before my vacation and then getting sick I could tell that I had gotten stronger and my endurance had drastically improved.  Let’s hope that I haven’t lost much in the time that I’ve been out from class.  Aside from getting a great workout, class provides me with an hour that’s completely mine.  I can take my frustrations out on the bag, work to better my conditioning, take it a little easier some days if I’m not feeling 100%, but also get the push in motivation by being in a class with 14 or so other people.  It’s great!  Seriously, when you find an activity that you enjoy it makes a huge difference!


I best be off to do that thing called work.  I hope your week is going well!


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Hey There!

It’s been a while, huh?  I wasn’t sure if I’d even remember how to sign into my account to blog. Winking smile

I’ve been home sick the past two days.  Rob caught a nasty stomach bug and lovingly passed it on to me.  I can normally tolerate pain pretty well, but yesterday I was literally moaning in bed and could barely pick my cell phone up to catch up on my favorite blogs or browse through the Twitter-sphere. The most I could do was lay on the blow-up mattress that we’ve been sleeping on and every so often look up to watch The Real Housewives of Orange County marathon that was playing in the background.   I’m definitely not 100% today, but I’m better than yesterday.  At least I was able to get up and take a shower today and not feel like a total slob.

While I’m not home for the best of reasons, I figured I would turn the time off into a positive and blog since I haven’t been able to in what seems like forever.  So much has happened since I last posted!

I’ll start with the best news.  Last Sunday night we slept at HOME for the first time in four months, since Hurricane Sandy!  I can’t even put into words what a wonderful feeling that was.  It felt VICTORIOUS!  I wanted to shout “F-U Sandy!”  We still have a lot to do, but we’re “almost there”. 


KitchenDining Room

Living Room

I promise I’ll do a full post about Hurricane Sandy in the future.  For now, I’m cherishing being back home.  I can’t wait to cook our first real dinner on the new stove.  So far, only soup and an omelet have been made, since one or both of us have been sick since moving back in.

Wednesday night I took my fourth and final IIN exam.  Something told me to take the exam that night.  Originally I was planning to do it yesterday and that would not have been fun, being sick and all.  Anyway, I passed!  As of today I’m a IIN Grad and a health counselor.  Yay!  I can’t wait to take this certification and do something with it.  The little wheels in my brain are turning.  It’s going to take some time, but I WILL make it happen!

You know, part of what I learned in my IIN courses is that we can’t let taking care of others get in the way of also taking the time to take care of ourselves.  We have to know when to reach out for support.  I’ve always been very open on the blog about my issues with disordered eating.  I still struggle, even though the issues seem to come in waves and aren’t constant.  The entire situation with Sandy threw me for a loop.  I didn’t deal well.  I kept all of my anxiety and frustration bottled up, except for a few explosions I had in front of Rob (poor guy), which resulted in my disordered eating to rear its nasty head.  Now that we are back home I’m able to focus more on myself.  The other day I knew it was time for me to do something about it.  So, I reached for support and am excited to start working on my issues as of this Monday with a trained professional.  It’s going to take work, but I’m ready for it.  I’m not going to allow this to control my life any longer!

Another thing I learned throughout my studies is that we must push past our fears


Being a shy person, I tend to hold myself back a lot.  I don’t like doing new things on my own.  I’ll come up with a million excuses not to do something that I really want to do, all because of fear.  One of the things on my bucket list was to try kickboxing.  I tried persuading my sister and a few friends, but I could tell that no one was going to pull through for me.  Either I was going to do it alone or not do it at all.  I signed up online randomly one Thursday for an introductory 3 pack of sessions and I haven’t looked back since.  Pushing myself in that moment was one of the best things I could have done for myself.  I walked out of that first class so proud of myself and honestly smile every time I go to class, knowing how hard it was for me on that first day and how this is now part of my new norm.


I LOVE going to class, having that hour of me-time all to myself, and getting a good sweat on in the process.

Workout Fun

I feel my body getting stronger just from going 2-3 times per week.  I also think that for someone like me who bottles everything up, punching and kicking a bag as hard as I want is good for me.  It allows me to get some of my built up frustrations out.  My boss told me not to get too good. LOL.  I don’t know what he’s afraid of. Winking smile

Ok, it’s time for me to lay down again.  This bug is really kicking my toosh!  Have a wonderful weekend and be ready for regular blog posting starting in the coming week.


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Hi Guys!

Well, I’m breaking out of my comfort zone and going to a kickboxing class tonight….ALONE. Can I just say that I’m SCARED? Sure am! I’m doing it though and not going to let anything get in my way. It’s time for some changes! 


I tried to get a friend to come with me tonight, but she was unable to commit and my sister won’t be able to join me until Saturday.  The old Kim would have set the challenge aside and waited until someone could go to class with her, but I really want to prove to myself that I can do it on my own.  I’m tired of not reaching my goals because of fears that hold me back!  So, I bought a small package of sessions, just to see if I’d actually like it, and made an appointment with the instructor tonight before class. They have a short meeting with every new member, which I think is great.  I know I’m not the only Nervous Nelly walking through their doors for the first time. 😉


This isn’t like hot yoga, where I went alone but was pretty much able to hide and keep to myself in the back corner of the room.  There is no escaping being seen here.  What scares me the most is making a mistake and looking silly in front of people.  It’s fears like this that have held me back in life.  No more! 

I can’t expect the magic to happen if I don’t step outside of my comfort zone, right?


Once I’m comfortable with myself in class people better look out!  Something about me that most people don’t know is that I’m COMPETITIVE. People sometimes wonder where this shy little thing came from when I put my determination full force.  They say it’s the quiet ones, right?  Gotta keep people on their toes, folks.  Haha.  😉

I figured I would make my appointment for tonight so that I couldn’t chicken out.  The longer I let things sit the more likely they will fade to the back of my mind or I come up with excuses as to why I can’t do X, Y or Z.  I spoke with the front desk person mid-morning and told her that I’ll be there 20 minutes before class tonight. I’ll give my sister a full report and if all goes well I’ll have a Saturday morning kickboxing buddy!  Yay!!  I think it would be a fun routine to start with each other. I foresee many breakfasts at the diner after our sweat sessions in the near future.  🙂

If I don’t write again by Friday, be worried.  Keep your fingers crossed that I survive.  I can use all the help I can get!

What’s something you’ve recently done to push yourself out of your comfort zone?


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Hi My Sweets!

How are you?  I hope that for those of you who were impacted by the storm things are getting back to normal.  Hang in there!  Things can only get better from here, right?  I’m thinking of you.

 I feel like I’m still in a bit of a daze by everything.  I missed Halloween and how is Thanksgiving already next week?!?! Seriously!!  Starbucks’ red cups all of a sudden appeared when our local Starbucks finally reopened.  I feel like I’ve missed a whole chunk of time that I’ll never get back. 

 I have a post in mind that I’d like to write about Sandy and her aftermath.  I’m hoping to get to it this weekend while I’m in CT visiting my mom.  Let me tell you… I.CAN’T.WAIT!!  Sometimes, the only thing that can make things better, or at least make me feel more at ease, is a hug from my mom.  I’m looking forward to grabbing coffee with her, treating her to a mani/pedi, going to our park together and curling up on the couch watching Lifetime together.  Oh, it is going to be a GLORIOUS weekend! 🙂

 My first day back to work was last Friday.  I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to go to work so badly in my life!  It’s given me a sense of normality and routine that I didn’t have for the two weeks after the storm.  My coworkers have been nothing less than wonderful during this stressful time, but I’ll get more into that in my upcoming Sandy post.  Let’s just say, this experience has restored my faith in people and has made me feel extremely loved.


This past Sunday was my first day back at the gym after the two week hiatus.  I was SO frustrated Sunday morning.  I marched my way to the gym to restart my C25K program.  As soon as I started running my endorphins started flowing and I felt a sense of power and positivity.  Working out to relieve stress is one of the absolutely best things you can do for yourself, both mentally and physically.  I was nervous because it was a whole new gym to me, since we are now displaced from our home and usual environment, but I got my tush in there and nothing else mattered once I was on the treadmill.  I allowed myself to forget about everything else and focused on my breathing and the music flowing from my earbuds.  Like going back to work, the gym gave me back another aspect of normality and routine in my life.

 Speaking of working out, tonight I’ll be trying Crossfit for the very first time with a coworker/friend of mine. 

I was supposed to go with her on Monday, but came down with some sort of bug that took me out of commission for the evening.  I’m ready today though.  I’m excited and nervous at the same time!  I’ll post an update for you on Friday.

So, just another normal day here at the office.  I welcome it!  I don’ t think you’ll hear me complaining about reports or being bogged down with work for a very long time.  I’m soaking it up now! 

In tragedy it’s amazing how your attitude about certain things changes.  You come to appreciate even the smallest things.  You realize that you are stronger than you ever thought you could be.

I can tell you that Thanksgiving will have a whole new meaning for me this year.  I’m not one who takes things for granted (at least knowingly), but this experience has definitely changed me for the better.

Time to get back to work.  Have a wonderful day!


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Hi Guys!

First day of the week is finally dwindling to a close.  I find it hard to believe that it’s already after 7 PM.  Today was extremely fast paced for the first ¾ of the day and with all of the projects I’ve completed I’m finding it hard to wind down, even though I have a headache that just doesn’t seem to want to go away.   I’m sure that once I’ve closed my laptop, snuggling up on the couch for a few hours will do me good.

Speaking of snuggling up, for some reason, I was EXTREMELY exhausted last night.  I didn’t even make it through our first Sunday night show (there are a few that Rob and I enjoy watching together and other shows Rob has deemed too “girly” that I usually stay up and watch alone).  This one just happened to be Boardwalk Empire.  Are you a fan?

I think that I only saw the very beginning and then I was OUT!  I woke up close to 2 AM, pulled myself up off the couch and dragged my tush to bed.  Rob doesn’t like to wake me after I’ve fallen asleep, because I tend to then be wide awake and won’t fall asleep for hours after being awakened.  I don’t blame him for leaving me there.

When my alarm sounded this morning I felt like I had been hit with something and couldn’t bear to open my eyes.  I set the alarm for another hour and then started my day.  Maybe I’m coming down with a little cold, now that I start putting two and two together (with the headache, etc).

My head isn’t the only thing hurting right now; my body is also sore from the workouts I’ve been pushing through lately.  I swear, I feel sore all the way down to my toes.  It’s that good kind of sore where you know your workout made a difference though. 🙂  It felt GREAT to train over the weekend!  I even started the Couch to 5K program!  Have you tried it?

I’m so NOT a runner, but have always wished that I was.  I have early onset arthritis in my knees so I tend to play it safe.  The first session of the program didn’t seem to bother me and I promised myself that if anything starts to hurt or just doesn’t feel right I’ll adapt it to my needs.  I found a free C25K app for my iPhone, by Zen Labs, which gives you audio alerts and allows you to listen to your music at the same time.  What’s also great about Zen Labs is that they have teamed up with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in the fight against breast cancer.  🙂

Some great features of this  free app, as stated on their site, are:

*Full featured program (not a limited version)

*Proven 8 week program to get you running 5k

*Easiest 5k program at only 3 times/week

*Listen to your own favorite music and playlists while you train

*Easy and intuitive interface. Nothing to learn!

*Convenient audio coach & alerts

*Compatible with Nike+ GPS

*Integrated with Facebook and Twitter communities.  Meet other runners!

*The only C25k app that works accurately while your device is locked!

I was pretty happy with myself after finishing the first session and I look forward to seeing where this will take me over the course of the next 8 weeks.  Maybe I’ll become that runner I’ve always wanted to be after all.  😉  I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

That’s about all I have in me for tonight, Friends.  Let’s hope I’m feeling better by morning so I can rock Day 2 of my C25k plan.


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