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Hi Friends,

It’s a beautiful day here in NY.  Spring seems to have FINALLY sprung here!  The trees are beginning to bloom, it’s getting a little warmer and the sunshine is adding a lil pep to people’s steps.  More people are outside enjoying the beautiful weather which is always nice to see. 

I can’t wait to get out and enjoy it myself!  We’ve been work, work, working away on the house trying to get it back to what it once was prior to Hurricane Sandy.  There are times that we get really depressed because it feels like we’ve been at this forever and things still aren’t quite right.  Putting everything into perspective though, we realize how far we’ve come and are so thankful to be living back home again.  It was just about a month ago that we were able to move back home.  I was so stressed and depressed at that point.  I’m much happier now!  We just have to stay focused and continue to remind ourselves of the positives!

Anyway, with spring here I know that summer is right around the corner.  That means it’s almost time for the beach….and bikinis.  Let me tell you, my body is nowhere near ready to be wearing a bikini.  All of the stress really did a number on my poor body (and mind).  I’m back on track now and set up a little beach body challenge for myself.  For the next 90 days I’ll be doing a hybrid of Insanity & Les Mills Pump.  I began Insanity a few weeks ago but REALLY missed lifting, so I decided to purchases PUMP to get my lifting fix satisfied. I think this is going to be a great combo!

Insanity is no joke!  I’m sure you know that if you’ve ever seen any of their infomercials.  There were many times that I watched that infomercial intrigued with the program and the results, yet I didn’t think that I personally would be able to complete it.  I mean, I’m just this normal girl from Long Island.  😉  My thoughts changed when my sister, Melissa, completed it (FYI – she’s now on her 3rd round now!) and my brother, DJ, completed it with AMAZING results (see his pics below – he’s now on his 2nd round). 

Before - 210 lbs

Before – 210 lbs

After - 179 lbs

Comparison = AMAZING!

The wheels in my brain began turning and I thought, “If they can do it so can I!”

So, I got myself onto the Beachbody website and ordered Insanity.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know that my true love is lifting.  It takes real motivation to get me to do my cardio.  There are a ton of tricks I’ve adapted over the years in order to get my cardio in.  I’m VERY competitive with myself, so Insanity is perfect for me.  It challenges me to be better than the last time that I “pressed play”, instead of mindlessly pedaling on an elliptical.  After about 2 weeks of Insanity I was really missing my lifting routine though. 


(I’m not sure where this image came from. I think I found it on Pinterest originally. Sorry for no proper link.)

It didn’t make sense to do Insanity at home and then drive to the gym to lift.  Not having to drive to and from the gym every morning gives me extra time to sleep and do other things around the house before work.  The wheels began turning again and I decided to purchase Les Mills Pump.  Now, I can get cardio and lifting in right from my living room!  I truly believe that these two programs combined are going to get me to my best body ever (especially in combination with my new eating regimen). 🙂

I’m putting this out there for my own accountability.  Two months from now I’ll be finished with Insanity and Les Mills Pump will be complete a month after that.  I’m so excited to see where this takes me!   My brother may be 11 years younger than me, but he is my inspiration right now.  We’ve both battled weight issues for years and I’m so proud of him for taking control of his life and making positive changes ( DJ, if you’re reading this, I love you and I’m SO PROUD OF YOU)!  I hope that my after pics are as great as his!

If you’d like to join me in the challenge of getting into your best shape by summer, let me know.  I’m going to post my workouts and stats weekly to keep me accountable.  Come join the fun!  I’d love to have some workout partners! 🙂

If you’re interested in purchasing the programs I’ll be using (or any other Beachbody programs ) you can check them out on my coaching site.  Just go to the Beachbody website by copying the following into your browser: http://www.beachbody.com/  (WordPress won’t allow this to be a hyperlink) and sign up for a free account, if you don’t already have one.  Then, add me as a buddy.  My screenname is: BeFitWithKim.  Friend request me, even if you already have a great coach.  I love meeting new people!  🙂 You can also check out my new Facebook page where I’ll be posting daily for accountability and inspiration hereI’d love for you to like and follow me there!

*Disclosure: I am now a Beachbody coach, but all opinions are my own.  I will NEVER push products on you…EVER! If you have any questions about any Beachbody program or product feel free to ask me.  I’m happy to help in any way that I can.

Ok, time to get back to work.  I hope you’re having a great day!


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Happy Friday, My Friends!

https://i0.wp.com/rlv.zcache.com/happy_friday_greeting_card-p137728429413231534b21fb_400.jpg The past few days have been a whirlwind!  I welcome it though.  It keeps my mind off other things, like the mess that is my current home.


Slowly, things are getting better.  The highlight of my day yesterday was getting our very own fridge in the basement space.  I’ll finally be able to grocery shop & cook again!!  🙂


When we are able to move back into our home Rob is going to leave this refrigerator for his parents.  They might rent the downstairs space sometime down the road, so the fridge will be a plus for them.

Remember that IIN exam I was so worried about?  Out of all the days I didn’t get a lunch break, you know yesterday was one of them.  I had hoped to get an hour of studying in, but obviously it wasn’t meant to be.  I crammed as much studying as I could in when I made it home last night.  Rob was sweet and ordered us dinner, knowing that I had a lot to do.  I really love that man of mine!

After a few hours of studying, there was still material I was unable to cover, but I really didn’t have a choice.  I sat down to the exam around 9 PM and 30 minutes later I was finished.  This girl got a 97!  Woo hoo!!


 I’m annoyed because I misread one of the questions and actually knew the correct answer.  I strive for 100s, but under the circumstances I’ll take the 97! 🙂 


Friday Fitness!!

New Year, New Me Challenge


Yesterday, I mentioned that I am going to get my fitness back on track.   Back at the end of October I had started a Turkey Day Challenge  , but when Sandy arrived only a few days later the challenge went completely out the window.  Now, more than a month after Sandy hit, it’s time for things to turn around and tomorrow marks the day! 


If I can find my measuring tape and borrow a scale I’ll get some Saturday Stats posted for you.  I have a feeling that the numbers have increased from last time, but the important thing is that I’m moving forward and not going to let it get to me.  This is something I DO have control over.  I’m going to tackle it!!

My New Year, New Me Challenge  doesn’t mean that I’m waiting for the new year to start.  Not by any means!   What is DOES mean is that BY the new year there will be a new me.  Obviously, there’s only about a month until 2013 is upon us and I can’t expect to lose 20 lbs in that time.  By “New Me” I’m not just speaking of the physical aspect of myself, but mental as well.  I’m hoping that these mental changes will lay the groundwork for continued improvements, even after the clock strikes midnight on New Years. 

So, from Saturday, December 1st – Monday, December 31st I’m going to:

1. Be consistent with going to the gym (at least 5x/week).

2. Do things to take care of myself and lift my spirit (get a mani/pedi, buy some new clothes, get my hair cut, visit with friends and family, read, etc)

3. Allow myself to enjoy the holidays and do things that I used to enjoy before Sandy (bake, go to holiday parties, put up some decorations, etc)

4. Lose 8-10 lbs

5. Stop using my stress and lack of my healthy foods as reason to binge!

I think that these are all manageable goals for this coming month.  I’ll reevaluate towards the end of the month to make new goals for January. 


Are you thinking about what you want to accomplish by the end of the year?  Do you have any New Years Resolutions?  Let me know.  I want to hear!

Have a great day!


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